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Love U Designs

The journey to finding the perfect convertible dress can be challenging. At Love U Designs, we believe all women are beautiful, no matter what stage of life they are going through or what shape or size they are.

Love U Designs was created because we believe you deserve to wear a dress that makes you happy and looks great too, whether you are getting married, having a baby, travelling the world, or going to work, we have the perfect dress for you! We offer affordable wrap, bridesmaids, and infinity dresses that can be worn in multiple styles.

Convertible Bridesmaid Dresses Make for the Best Bridesmaid Dresses!


This is the perfect Bridesmaid dress for the most important day and ladies in your life!Elegant, comfortable, wrapped in any style.

If you are a Bride or a Bridesmaid looking for a unique bridesmaid dress, we know how frustrating it feels tying to find a dress that will fit and look good on everyone in the Bridal Party.

Why not go with the best of both worlds? 

Love U Designs convertible dresses come in sizes ranging from 0-4x and the beauty of this dress is the fact that you are not restricted to any one style. Each Bridesmaid can pick her favorite style, feel comfortable in it, and still be cohesive with the rest of the Bridal Party!


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Kind Words from Lovely Folks

Wearing dresses by Love U Designs has honestly reminded me that our bodies are FIERCE. This year has been a challenge on my body and I have struggled with my confidence.

THANK YOU to Emily and Love U Designs for reminding me that my body is beautiful at all times, no matter what the number on the scale says.

Warning: highly addictive patterns and styles. Be prepared to become addicted to wrap dresses.  Mikhaila

If you want top quality service and good prices, go see Emily.  She will hook you up with great prints, a flattering dress, and make you feel like a princess.  She is aware of women's bodies and ways to make them absolutely BOMB!  I purchased my bridesmaids dresses through her and I was not disappointed.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Coquitlam, BC

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