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Kelly Mallinson
with Doterra

Kelly will guide you to ignite your inner spark & reclaim your radiant well-being.   Supporting your mind, body, and soul journey


I take a holistic approach to my business and incorporate intuitive energy healing work to help others experience the power of essential oils and their capacity for physical and emotional healing. 


I want to spread as much happiness, healing, and positivity as I possibly can in my lifetime. I have learned that when you make people feel good, you feel good too. Being a bright light for people and spreading positivity, especially now when there is so much negativity, is something I am inspired to do every day.


I recognize the good in everyone because opening yourself up to accepting all versions of people leads to wonderful friendships and experiences. I love people and I love including everyone in anything I’m doing. Being in situations where I am surrounded by people energizes me.


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