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Cameron James Men's Wear



Lining their shelves you will find brands and pieces that Lucas has hand-picked himself, and while everyone has different tastes, they are happy to offer a variety of options for all customers. Whether it be a beautiful silk tie for your wedding, or a crisp shirt for your next interview, or even a flattering pair of jeans for a night out, there’s something for everyone and every occasion.

Finding flattering or fitted clothing can often be a frustrating process. It is my goal to make this as easy as possible for you. With an extensive knowledge on tailoring possibilities (primarily because I am so particular about how my own clothes fit) and access to a master seamstress, there’s rarely a customer I can’t have looking their best.

Weddings are a uniquely special occasion, and as such demand an equally special wardrobe. For many, especially here on the West Coast where we typically don’t dress up or wear suits very often. As such, it can be quite daunting when beginning to look for the appropriate attire for your wedding day. We offer a vast array of inventory at all times, which allows each wedding party to find something unique for them.


However, this many options can be overwhelming, which is why we take care of everything for you.

The process is quite simple – The “wedding couple to be” comes to the store and explains what they’re looking for, what sort of aesthetic is created by their venue, colours, and personalities, and other considerations such as weather and season. Lucas, ( myself) will then curate a couple of different approaches to putting all of these pieces together. After the couple has decided, their work is done, all that’s left is for the wedding party to come get their measurements taken, (the couple to be is not required to come with them) and then the rest is in the hands of Lucas.


Once all of the measurements have been received, we can move forward with ordering, tailoring, and final fitting processes. While this entire process can be done in about 3-4 weeks in slower periods, we typically ask that you leave about 3-4 months to put it all together. This accounts for delays in receiving measurements, as well as the delays typically present during the wedding season, such as dramatically increased tailoring times (usually 4-6 weeks).

There are many different options and routes to take, and nothing is truly set in stone, it is your wedding after all, though there are some general guidelines to give you a solid foundation that I will elaborate on, I’ll also go over pricing expectations.


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Kind Words from Lovely Folks

Great service, friendly and knowledgeable staff! Lucas is passionate about ensuring everyone looks their best, whether for work or their special event or even just a night out, he will work with you to find what suits you best.


Absolutely amazing men's wear store in the Mission Junction.

If you are looking for business, business casual, a warm bathrobe, underwear, shoes, socks and some top shelf good old fashioned customer service then Lucas is your guy!!!

A must go place if you want to look your best!  Erika


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Unit #342 – 32555 London Avenue, Mission BC, V2V 6M7

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