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Cello with Elena

Elevate Your Wedding with beautiful Cello Music! 

Immerse your wedding in an unforgettable ambiance with the soulful sounds of live cello music, beautifully accompanied by piano. From the moment your guests arrive, through the ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner, the captivating melodies of the cello will create an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. With a diverse repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary music, Cello With Elena live cello performances will add a timeless beauty to your special day.

With over two decades of enriching audiences in renowned orchestras, I bring a touch of musical excellence to every event. With a diverse repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary pieces, I offer a soulful and touching musical experience, adding a unique charm to any wedding, event, and celebration. Elevate your occasion with the artistry of an accomplished cellist who has mastered the language of music in diverse settings. Let's create an unforgettable experience together.

I've cultivated a rich career spanning various prestigious institutions and orchestras across Russia and Asia. Before joining the orchestra, I pursued extensive music education, attending a 4-year college and later a 5-year university in Vladivostok. These formative years laid the groundwork for my passion and commitment to the world of classical and contemporary music.

As a Senior Cello Teacher and Coaching Cellist at the Musical Institution, I mentored individuals aged 6 to 18, fostering their musical abilities and organizing captivating musical events, parties, and concerts. My tenure as an Artist of the Symphony Orchestra and Deputy Principal of the Cello Section at the Far-East Academic Symphony Orchestra saw me performing in numerous concerts, showcasing my prowess as a Cello player. Additionally, my international engagements included touring across Russia, China, and Korea, amplifying the reach of enchanting musical compositions. At the Lotte Hotel in Jeju Island, South Korea, I contributed as a Cello Musician within a quartet, enthralling hotel guests with melodious renditions. These diverse experiences have honed my skills as a musician, educator, and performer, allowing me to weave a tapestry of musical excellence throughout my career.


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Kind Words from Lovely Folks


We have booked Elena for two holy days and a picnic in Beacon Hill Park. Her beautiful music is always perfect for the occasion. When she is performing solo the audience is spellbound. The combination of her cello with her background accompaniment provides a very complete sound. She can also provide quiet background music which is quite unifying.  Sally W.

It was a joy to hear Elena play on four occasions. Full of soul and carefully chosen for the occasion, Elena's music is moving, evocative, and uplifting. Twice, her sublime cello elevated the spiritual level of a Reflections service at our church. At a Coronation High Tea, her music added a touch of class. Accompanied by her own piano recording, she got a resounding, standing ovation at our Crowd Pleasers Concert. A master musician, Elena's performances are not to be missed.  Brenda M.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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