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Vancouver's #1 Wedding Emcee
Give your guests the most amazing wedding experience!

An event host oversees guests at functions like ceremonies, corporate conferences, banquets, and private parties. They help prepare and facilitate events, ensuring all aspects run smoothly that day. On the mic, an event host welcomes guests, moderates questions and answers, and works with support staff behind the scenes.

Mike Oulton the event host is a Master of Ceremonies who delivers information and guides event attendees through the run of show. The job description also includes crowd engagement, Voice of God, and timeline management with corporate event planners.

Mike Oulton is the highest rated of event hosts in Vancouver, BC. Whether he is called the Emcee, MC, Master of Ceremonies, the job remains the same: to engage with energy while boosting morale and retention.


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Kind Words from Lovely Folks

Amazing! Mike is so great! For us, the most important thing was that everyone, including us, have so much fun. People keep telling me how much fun they had and how funny Mike was and how they loved the things he added. He came prepared for everything. It was great!  Shay

Mike is one of the most amazing humans I've ever met. He was the life of the party and kept our guests smiling and laughing all day. Thank you for making our day one everyone will remember and for helping take the spotlight a little off us and putting it back on the people we love through games, comedy and music.  Kelsey


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